A Super Intense Story Trailer For Farpoint Was Released

Next to Resident Evil 7, Farpoint is one of the most highly anticipated and hyped up VR titles out there. Ever since the game was nothing more than a demonstration at an electronics show, fans have been eagerly waiting the release of Farpoint, along with the Playstation Aim controller. The Aim controller, while optional, is one of the best options for controlling a VR world. It includes the same ball tracking as the move controller, but also has joysticks and easy-to-identify buttons to be able to be fully used in a game. A bundled Aim and Farpoint will set you back $80, but that’s not back considering the game will cost $50 and other games, future and current, are sure to implement the Aim controller.

Up until now, Farpoint has very much just been an awesome shooter. We have seen demos of multiplayer shooting, we have seen sneak peeks, but now we have a glimpse into the story of the game. The new trailer opens with Eva Tyson talking into a camera whilst in a space suit, either logging her experiences or in some sort of broadcast. We are then introduced to Grant Moon, who explains their purpose for going out to space on a mission. He tells the camera that they were sent to investigate a seemingly random radio wave, and where it came from. The trailer then cuts to their space station being destroyed, with Eva screaming in the background. We are then treating to some shots of the beautiful landscape of the game, more exposition, then fast-paced gameplay from the game. At the end, the chaos softens, and a new character is shown, seemingly one that Tyson and Moon know in some way.

Well you don’t need me to explain everything! Watch the trailer below: